Point to Point WiFi System for 3 Mile or 5 Mile LOS

The point to point wireless setup is designed for the user that needs wireless capability from a distance but only to one location. An example of a point to point system would be if you have a home office in an outbuilding and would like to have the capability of connecting to WiFi in your office. The system could also be used for a plethora of other situations including guest homes and pool houses. Understandably, you don’t want to rip up the lawn or spend the time putting in posts for laying cable to get internet to the separate structure so this system allows you to simply add a wireless source point to that area. Install our point to point system and you’ll have wireless connectivity just as fast as it is in your house with a much larger range.

What you need:

• Directional outdoor antennas (panel or dish)
• Connectors (usually n-type)
• Power injector
• Adaptor cables
• Coax cable
• Amplifiers (optional)

Note that we do not include the software for a wireless access point. Rather you should set this up as a server/client.

The process to set up this system is as follows. It can be adapted to fit any individual situation, including the desire for either 3 mile or 5 mile line of sight. You begin by mounting exclusively directional outdoor antennas at each point. These usually utilize n-type connectors. To avoid coax loss, the antenna should be as close to the access point as possible unless a WiFi amplifier is within the system. At times, only directional antennas are necessary, and an amplifier will not be required. If an amplifier is used, it will be mounted within the antenna, and a power injector will apply the direct current power for the amplifier through the coax cable. You will then mount the power injectors as closely as possible to the Base Station with adaptor cables.